Savoring Today: A new adventure begins.

sa·vor·ing\ˈsā-vər-iŋ, ˈsāv-riŋ\ verb
1 : To taste or enjoy with zest: relish 2: to appreciate fully: enjoy or delight

Savoring Today is a blog dedicated to fostering an attitude of intentionality regarding family, friendship, faith, as well as good food.  In the hurry of the world around us, there is pressure to move on to the next thing whether it is technology, to-do lists, work projects, or kid’s activities.  More often than not, even our leisure time is a frenetic pace or simply the result of pure exhaustion.  I am not suggesting that full-throttle living is bad or wrong, merely to slow the pace just enough so the future does not consume the now.  Today truly is a gift.

When savoring good food we chew more slowly, utter sounds of delight, even roll our eyes trying to express that something wonderful holds our attention.  Imagine eating an entire meal while only thinking about what to eat at your next meal, rather than enjoying what is already right in front of you.  If we apply the concept of savoring to our lives, we engage more fully in today by capturing life lessons, valuing people and relationships, or basking in our blessings. 

Obviously, not every situation, season of life, or meal for that matter, is something we wish to linger over—frankly some cannot pass quickly enough.  However, even in the midst of the distasteful and distressing there are those nuggets of delight that initiate a deeper sense of gratitude, quickening hearts to give thanks to God.  After journaling for more than 25 years, this format brings a fresh dimension to what has generally been a private endeavor.  It is my hope that sharing these musings of personal insights, select recipes, and inspired moments in some way encourages those who stop by to read them. 

And so it begins.


One response to “Savoring Today: A new adventure begins.

  1. God has planted a beautiful garden of variety, wisdom, and grace within you and I am convinced He has done so for the purpose of sharing with and encouraging others. I am convinced that God will use this new adventure to grow you and bless others! 🙂

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