Waiting Expectantly

Sometimes there is just nothing left to pray.  It’s been said, requests lifted, thanksgiving expressed, so you wait for an answer.  Emotion catches in your throat if you think about it too long.  You believe everything has been surrendered … again.  Trusting, believing, hoping, all require energy and perseverance.  More than you think you have.  You feel distracted as it seemingly overshadows every decision.  It appears that the hour is late, the answer is crucial, so much riding on … God’s move.

All is quiet.  Still.  Unchanged. 

And the sun rises declaring His mercies, new and fresh, accompanied by a sustaining grace for now.  Nothing stored up from yesterday, neither victory or loss, today brings possibilities unknown.  Maybe even an answer or direction before the sun sets again.  You can’t help but face discouragement, lamenting all that concerns your heart and your eagerness to move-on from this place of readiness. 

God is patient, he knows and His move will be timed perfectly.  The petitions are familiar to His ear and my lips.  Yet, I will continue to ask and wait.  He is faithful, believable, and able.


What do you think?

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