Wedding Wisdom

10 Ways Weddings Can Demonstrate Honor and Foster Relationship

Lars Christensen-Dreamstime

Inside, outside, elaborate or casual, it is summertime and wedding season is in full swing. The dress, rings, flowers, color theme, tuxedo choices, and venue decisions all culminate in one magical event with bride and groom at center stage. Over the years, I have attended weddings as friend, relative, and even been the coordinator, gathering notes to pass along as points to ponder for brides and grooms-to-be. Humor me for a moment and consider a broader perspective as you make plans for your own wedding.

A wedding joins two people in covenant marriage and establishes kinship—blending families and setting the tone of those relationships for the future. It is your day, but it’s not all about you. Indeed, it is your special moment together; much of the preferences considered will be your own. However, the way in which you conduct yourself, considering the bigger picture, foreshadows how you will treat your new family “from this day forward, as long as you both shall live.” With that in mind, the focus pans away from your every whim or fancy to ensure that family members are embraced and honored.

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