Repost: The Primary Issue

For those who follow this blog and were wondering why you are only seeing recipes posted as of late, I decided to start a new blog for my political, personal, and random musings.  It’s a way for me to be a little more organized.

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The Primary Issue
Posted on The Stuff of Life 8/11/10

Yesterday in Colorado primaries, the turnout rates were well above those held in Georgia, Connecticut, and Minnesota—over 40 percent for both Democrats and Republicans— matching or exceeding the turnout rates for all primaries going back at least three decades, according to the Denver Post.  Two things believed to contribute to the high level of turnout here in Colorado were the convenience of mail-in ballots and the tight contests within both parties. I can attest to the convenience of the mail-in ballot, my husband and I have voted that way for years now.  Whether it is the greater ease in the process, or the desire to make a difference, it is good to see more of the citizenry participate.

Read the rest of the article here.


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