La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas Review

A Unique Blend of Delicate Corn Flavor and Flour Tortilla Flexibility

My search for a thicker, softer corn tortilla began years ago when I first ate fish tacos at Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. My quest intensified after experiencing authentic hand-made tortillas in the secluded cove of Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. A woman pressed out corn tortillas in the palm of her hands that were so supple and rich in corn flavor, I knew they would be hard to match.

Inspired to recreate the flavor and texture of the tortillas I fell in love with while on vacation, I pressed a few with my own hands at home. The recipe is quite simple the technique is another story. I opted for a tortilla press. Homemade is by far the best tasting, so I continue to make fresh corn tortillas when time allows. Like most Americans, there are times when I still want homemade taste, but don’t have homemade time.

The very best commercial product to accompany recipes at home is La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas. The special blend of corn and wheat flour combines the more subtle flavor of white corn with the flexibility of a flour tortilla. The tender, chewy texture is reminiscent of the authentic tortillas in Mexico that stand up to more bold fillings. The mild corn taste does not overpower delicate grilled fish or lean chicken. There is no need to worry about drying, cracking, or softening with oil. To warm, simply cover tortillas with a damp paper towel on a plate and microwave for 30 seconds at a time until the desired temperature is reached.

Reliable, versatile, and delicious, La Tortilla Factory Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas are a satisfying discovery. For information about retail stores that carry La Tortilla Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas, click here.


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