Un-Jammed, Wholly Fruit

Real Fruit Toast-Toppers

New studies circulate almost daily about the negative effects of refined sugar on our heath. One way to eliminate a teaspoon or two is by using sliced whole fruit on toast instead of sugary jams or preserves. When fruit is processed, important vitamins, enzymes, and fiber are lost. Enjoying food as close to its original state as possible is always the better choice.  Satisfyingly sweet, without added sweeteners or fillers, whole fruit is a perfect match for your favorite toasted bread.

Select whole grain bread for the toast and you not only eliminate refined sugar, but empty carbs as well.  Distinguishing between simple carbs and complex carbs makes a difference in the way they provide fiber and affect blood sugar.  Fewer ingredients are ideal when considering labels on bread products.  The word “whole” should precede the type of grain such as, whole wheat, whole oats, or whole rye. The bread in the photo is organic sprouted sourdough from Alvarado Street Bakery, a favorite in our house.

Soft fruits like bananas, strawberries, peaches, kiwi, plums, or pears are best for toast-toppers—simply slice, and arrange on buttered toast, as you like. For protein, add a schmear of almond butter just before you top-it with fruit for a quick, nutritious, get-you-going breakfast.


2 responses to “Un-Jammed, Wholly Fruit

  1. Interesting, I think I’ll have a big adjustment doing this way 🙂 but I see the points are valid. If I will be doing this, I think the best fruit used in this manner are Philippine mangoes as they already have that super sweet taste that people are looking for in Jams.


  2. I agree about the mango, it would be another great choice for this. I think you might be surprised how refreshing and sweet it really is, I know I was surprised the first time I used fresh peaches–I was hooked.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment 🙂

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