Christmas Traditions: Christmas Wreath

Submitted by: Rachel (24)

Dad & Grandma

My dad’s mother loved to work in her kitchen. She was known for her recipes around the holidays. She made tons of different Christmas cookies for friends, but saved her Christmas Wreath for her family on Christmas day. She passed away five years ago after battling Alzheimer’s for five years before that. It has been a long time since we’ve seen any of those festive treats. I thought it would be special in December 2009 to find her old recipe and surprise my father with the wreath on Christmas morning.

It was a bit of a lengthy process, but worth every minute. He was very surprised and happy when he opened the door and saw me holding her freshly made Christmas Wreath. When he took his first bite, and memories flooded his mind, tears came to his eyes. It was so special – it made me cry too. I loved doing that for him.

Although her recipe was very memorable and I loved making it, it was very simple and even a little bland. I recently set out to find a more flavorful Christmas Wreath recipe for this year. Martha Stewart has a very appealing recipe for Stollen Wreath Bread that was originally her mother’s. I’m excited to start a new tradition this Christmas by making this German Stollen for my father. It is a new and improved tradition, born out of an old and beautiful one.

An invitation from Savoring Today:

Our traditions serve as ballast, connecting generations in continuity. Savoring Today is celebrating family traditions that revolve around Christmas or Hanukkah would love to hear yours. Stories of favorite memories, recipes, quirky habits, scriptures, sacred moments—whatever makes the holiday uniquely memorable. Post as a comment, or submit your story to
Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof!” Tevye proclaims in the classic musical.

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