Christmas Traditions: A Natural Tree

There is no shortage of opinion on Christmas trees—artificial, natural, its symbolism, appropriateness, environmental impact—even within families. Even though we have talked about purchasing a pre-lit artificial tree for years now, we always gravitate back to a natural, aromatically pleasing, pine tree. According to our kids—it’s tradition!  They want nothing to do with an artificial tree, suggesting it would not be Christmas at all. 

As a child, I can still remember scouring our 42 acres for the perfect specimen. Of course, like any kid, you want the biggest you can find.  The hunt, the pine scent, the satisfaction of finding just the right one all culminated in glee as the star rested at the top like a crown. You can’t really start dreaming of what you will find under the tree until the tree coronation is complete. I suppose choosing a real tree invites a level of suspense we wouldn’t otherwise enjoy.

Handmade Baby Jesus

Ribbons, bows, beads, and bobbles are all optional.  Ornaments, star or angel, white lights or color are all negotiable. The anticipation and fragrance are simply our traditional preference. Once again, we will gather ’round our evergreen, sing along with the music, reminisce over handmade ornaments, sip hot chocolate, and begin the celebration of the Christmas season.

An invitation from Savoring Today:

Our traditions serve as ballast, connecting generations in continuity. Savoring Today is celebrating family traditions that revolve around Christmas or Hanukkah would love to hear yours. Stories of favorite memories, recipes, quirky habits, scriptures, sacred moments—whatever makes the holiday uniquely memorable. Post as a comment, or submit your story to
Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof!” Tevye proclaims in the classic musical.

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