Christmas Traditions: Jammies Under The Tree

Submitted by: Monica Bryant

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is new jammies for Christmas!  Every year since my oldest daughter was a baby, I have made Christmas pajamas for my girls. I choose fabric that is relevant to their year i.e. ballet print when they got their pointe shoes, teddy bears when they loved teddy bears, etc.

Once made, they are wrapped and tucked under the tree.  Then, on Christmas Eve, after dinner and the Christmas Eve service at church, they get to open their Christmas jammies!  Unwrapped and ready to wear, it’s picture time in front of the tree.

I also make jammies for any other children that happen to be at our house on Christmas Eve.  My nieces and nephews have all been recipients, at least once, of our Christmas jammy tradition!  This special tradition will continue even after the girls get married and have families of their own.  I cannot wait to have my grandchildren get excited when they get the jammies that “Grandma” made for them!

An invitation from Savoring Today:

Our traditions serve as ballast, connecting generations in continuity. Savoring Today is celebrating family traditions that revolve around Christmas and would love to hear yours. Stories of favorite memories, recipes, quirky habits, scriptures, sacred moments—whatever makes Christmas uniquely memorable. Post as a comment, or submit your story to
Traditions, traditions. Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof!” Tevye proclaims in the classic musical.

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