Curry Chicken Salad

Curry Chicken Salad is a popular menu item for a luncheon or afternoon tea, but I do not often think to make it at home.  Just a couple handfuls of ingredients creates a refreshing lunch or light dinner—too good to reserve for dining-out only.

Upon reviewing recipes, it was apparent how easy this salad is to customize.  With a plethora of ingredient ideas from a number of on-line recipes, it proved more beneficial to use a basic recipe, while including all the possibilities to inspire creativity or suit preference.  The basic recipe is comprised of common ingredients, including cooked chicken—who doesn’t have leftover rotisserie chicken from time to time?

Versatile as well as easy, in addition to serving it on a bed of lettuce, serve it on crackers as an appetizer, on a croissant as a sandwich, or on pita as a snack, though I would substitute golden raisins for the grapes to do so.

Curry Chicken Salad

2          cups  cooked chicken breast — cubed
1/2      cup  celery — chopped
1/2      cup  carrot — chopped
1/4      cup  green onion
1            cup  red seedless grapes — halved
1/2       cup  walnuts — coarsely chopped

1/3    cup  mayonnaise
1         tablespoon  soy sauce
1         tablespoon  lemon juice
2         teaspoons  curry powder
1          teaspoon  honey

Prepare meat, fruit, nuts, and vegetables as indicated; toss gently in a bowl.

Mix dressing ingredients until well blended; adjust seasoning to taste. Add to the chicken mixture to coat. Salt to taste.

Serve over a bed of greens or on croissants or pita for sandwiches.

Easy Substitutions and More Add-ins:
mayo—Greek-style yogurt or Vegenaise®
honey—mango chutney
lemon—pineapple, lime, or orange juice
walnuts—cashews or almonds
grapes—raisins or currants
water chestnuts
mandarin oranges
red onion
dried mango
cilantro leaves
red bell pepper
dried cranberries


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