A Cynical Foodie

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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When you begin to understand the effects of food on health, you can become a little cynical if not downright annoyed by food commercials.  Last night a commercial came on with the question, “What to do with white rice?” My first thought—throw it in the trash and make brown rice.  This commercial is nowhere as offensive as the new corn syrup ads. Does anyone really believe corn syrup (high fructose or otherwise) is good for you? Arguing about corn syrup vs. cane sugar is like polishing nails to make a coffin—obesity, diabetes, and heart disease prove the effects of either one.

Why the cynicism? Because this poison is peddled to a generation looking for three easy steps on a package mix for their next meal.  Convenience trumps creativity and isolated chemical compounds masquerade as real food, permeating nearly every facet of the market.  Even shopping the perimeter of the grocery store in search of whole foods—fresh produce, meat, dairy—is no safe haven. Every label and produce bin is suspect.  I have to admit, it is overwhelming at times, and I wish it were easier.

However, easier is what makes us vulnerable to the convenience pushers and fraudulent advertisers.  If we really intend to make food choices that optimize health, quick and easy will have to fall a few notches on the priority list.


5 responses to “A Cynical Foodie

  1. Great post Judy keep shouting it! I was particularly bummed when I found out all taco seasoning packets have MSG 😦 I hate people pushing poison. I knew someone selling a tea drink that had sucralose (aka splenda). The multi level marketing group told her it was all natural, but I pointed out to her sucralose was not natural. The companies’ take was that it was just a little bit so it was ok. So they continue telling people it’s all natural….aaaahhhhhh! Hopefully people will read the label.

  2. Great post Judy! Increasing awareness is the only way American diets will change.

  3. Tell it loud Judy! A friend was telling me about a fast food restaurant claiming to be all natural…Don’t get me started.

  4. A Christian friend of mine, tired of hearing about the commercialization of Christmas, said, “If you depend on commercials to define Christmas, what do you expect?” I think the same is true of food … people who believe commercials with respect to food really aren’t all that interested in health. the rest of us learn to read labels.

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