Trying New Things

Recently, I’ve been trying new things to try to pull the dinner wagon out of some well-worn ruts. Check out the following reviews about Meyer lemons, white asparagus, celery root, and parsnips.  Got a different opinion or other ideas? Leave a comment and let me know.

MEYER LEMONS showed up at King Soopers a few weeks ago on-sale, so I used them for Blueberry Cream Cheese Stollen, over salmon, on the white asparagus mentioned below, and to dress a salad—it is no wonder they are called the lemon of choice for chefs.  A cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, they have a sweeter, less acidic flavor than the more common lemons.  These gems offer all the punch without the pucker.  In season December—April, they are now my lemon of choice too.

WHITE ASPARAGUS is considered a delicacy because of its delicate, mild flavor and striking color. Grown under cover of soil to prevent the plant from producing chlorophyll like its green variety, it is like starting with a blank canvas.  This asparagus has a mild flavor, which may be more appealing to children trying asparagus for the first time. It is recommended to peel the spears so it is less fibrous otherwise the preparation methods are much the same.  Although I did like the vivid contrast of texture and color with black sesame seeds and Meyer lemons when served, I still prefer the distinct flavor and ease of preparation of green asparagus.

CELERY ROOT and PARSNIPS are a great addition to soups that ordinarily call for potatoes. This is not an original idea, as root vegetables have been interchangeable in soups and stews for centuries—it is just new for me as I try to incorporate a greater variety of vegetables in our diet. When making Seafood Chowder last week celery root (celeriac) and parsnips replaced half of the red potatoes, reducing carbohydrates while increasing the fiber. Cut into the same size and shape as the potatoes (as shown in the photo), these root vegetables boost flavor and blend in beautifully.

Also posted on The Nourishing Gourmet Penny Wise Platter Thursday.


3 responses to “Trying New Things

  1. Celery root? Sound interesting thats the only thing I havent tried there, how does it taste?

    • Celery root has a mild celery flavor (think celery-light) with a texture that is a little softer than a potato when cooked, yet it held its shape well in the soup. Looking forward to using it more often.

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