Crispy Almonds: A “Health Nut” Just Gets Healthier

Almonds are literally a “health nut”, helping to lower LDL and raise HDL cholesterol, ground into flour for baked goods for those with celiac disease, and provide a host of vitamins and minerals for those seeking to develop healthier snacking habits.  As nutritionally power packed as they are, nuts can also leave folks with a heavy, bloated feeling if eaten by the handfuls.  Nuts have enzyme inhibitors, which interfere with digestion, causing this discomfort.  Soaking and dehydrating the nuts neutralizes these inhibitors, increasing the absorption of the vitamins and minerals.  For further reading on this subject, check out this resource.

More appetizing than raw nuts and healthier than roasted, Crispy Almonds have become a central part to creating healthy snacks in our home.  I also use them in baked goods, on salads, or to sprinkle over oatmeal and yogurt.  Ball wide mouth jars are ideal for storage and any dehydrator will work.  I have heard some use an oven set on low and leave the oven door ajar so the temperature does not exceed 150°, which is very important so the oils in the nuts are not destroyed.

Crispy Almonds

4 cups raw almonds
1 tablespoon sea salt
Enough filtered water to cover almonds

Soak almonds in a large bowl with water and salt for 8-12 hours.  Pour off water and allow to drain well (2-3 minutes).  Arrange on dehydrator trays and dry at 150° for 24 hours, or until almonds are crisp.

Note: To test the nuts, allow to cool for a few minutes first.

Combine with Sweetly Spiced Crispy Pecans and Walnuts to serve as mixed-nuts for parties or holidays.

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