Post 100: Gotta say, I’m loving every minute of it!

Mile Marker 100

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I started blogging last year to practice writing.  When endeavoring to write a book, or multiple books, the primary advice is to simply, write.  Savoring Today, Overcoming Trauma, and The Stuff of Life have all been the collection point for what is inside to come out (it didn’t take long for me to realize I needed three blogs, not just one).  A passion for good tasting, nutritious food fuels the bulk of my blogging, so today marks the milestone of 100 posts on Savoring Today.

Milestones are measurements that answer a few important questions.  Where am I? How far have I gone? How much farther do I have to go?  Some folks head down the road paying no mind to such questions, happy to have the open road before them.  Others, like me, see the mile marker as helping to measure not only time, but progress.  Here, at post-marker 100, there is improved writing with regular practice, sharper attention to detail in recipes (it’s hard to keep track when creative moments strike), and thankfully the learning curve is a little less steep.

I feel incredibly blessed to have this season of life to pursue this passion along with the loving support of my family. Last night my husband teased as he said, “Remember when mom came to the table when everyone else did?” as I stood on a chair in the kitchen trying to capture just a few more photos of the nachos on my plate.  Rarely do we have a meal without charger plates and the camera nearby—one has to be prepared when the food behaves the way it’s supposed to.   Gotta say, I am loving every minute of it, there is so much to savor.

Thanks for stopping by to share it with me.


4 responses to “Post 100: Gotta say, I’m loving every minute of it!

  1. Thank you for your writing Judy…It has been a pleasure to watch your journey and to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Your writing is a blessing!

  2. Wow congratulations, I know the feeling. Thanks for your contributions on the food blog world and the entertainment you bring may you have more than thousands more blog posts to come!

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