Feature Fridays: Queso Fundido (aka yummy hot cheese dip) (via Savoring Goat Cheese)

In my search of a notable food blog to feature today, I have to admit it was the picture of the goat that caught my eye, not the food. Raised on a goat farm, it is a natural draw for me. When I saw their blog name and focus on goat cheese, well, I was hooked!

I chose an older post to highlight with the Super Bowl in mind…who doesn’t want a Queso Fundido to nosh during the game? Fun, unique, delicious (okay, maybe a little reminiscence). —Enjoy!

Queso Fundido (aka yummy hot cheese dip) Two words: melted cheese. That intersection of cheesy, oozy meltability and crunchy toasted corners is what we enjoy most about grilled cheese sandwiches. This dip, queso fundido, is about as delicious and indulgent as you can get. It’s satisfying and rich, best enjoyed with the iciest of beers or handmade margaritas. And of course it’s excellent with raw vegetables, sourdough cubes, toasted pita, or even tucked into a warm flour tortilla and rol … Read More

via Savoring Goat Cheese


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