Thai Cocktail Sauce for Seafood

When we splurge on wild-caught shrimp for our Sweetheart Dinner appetizer, dressing it with ketchup and horseradish does not suffice. This Thai Cocktail Sauce more than fit the bill with its tangy, sweet, subtle spice culminating in a complex finish—we even dipped our Prosciutto-Wrapped Shrimp & Goat Cheese in it.  The tell of any great sauce is when other non-dipping items find their way into it or you begin to imagine what else you might slather it on—this is that kind of sauce.

Thai Cocktail Sauce

1/2      cup  Thai sweet chili sauce (this is a great sauce by itself)
1/2      cup  tomato sauce or ketchup
3           tablespoons  prepared horseradish
2           teaspoons  fresh lemon juice
1/2      teaspoon  Worcestershire sauce
1/4      teaspoon  Chipotle Tabasco sauce — more or less, to taste

Combine all ingredients and chill before serving.  Serve with seafood appetizers, especially chilled prawns.


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