Feature Fridays: Painting with BBQ Sauce and Show-Me Liquid Bar-B-Q Sauce

While browsing the BBQ tag on Food Press this morning—for some reason BBQ just sounded good at 6:00 am—I found this video of someone painting with BBQ sauce.  The next time I light the grill I might be inspired to use more care in how I slather on the smoky-savory stuff after watching this video, we’ll see.

Regarding great BBQ, it just wouldn’t be right to pass up the opportunity to feature our family’s favorite: Show-Me Liquid Bar-B-Q Sauce.  If you like smoky, sweet, and savory, this is one you have to try—we order gallon size jugs for our family and friends.

There are a number of ways to get the product on-line, or you can call (573) 442-5309 to order.  It’s a mom & pop shop in Columbia, MO, doing business the old-fashioned way by shipping the product and expecting a check in return, credit cards are not accepted. (Of course, if you are in Missouri you can find it in the grocery store.) Though they do not have a website, you can find them on Face Book.  It is a great story and an excellent BBQ sauce, though I wouldn’t paint anything but meat with it ;).


5 responses to “Feature Fridays: Painting with BBQ Sauce and Show-Me Liquid Bar-B-Q Sauce

  1. Thats funny at the same time amazing!

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  3. Check out GetSauced for the lowest price of Show-Me Sauce online!

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  5. I found where you can buy Show Me Liquid Smoke Bar-B-Q Sauce online at GetSauced.ecrater.com Great Price and Quick Delivery on Show-Me Barbeuce Sauce.

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