Soul Food: Encouragement & Anecdotes

Ready for yet another theme at Savoring Today?  Adding Soul Food to the post cycle feels as natural as a memorized recipe.  Long before the inspiration to start a food blog and write a cookbook, there was the desire to share the deeper things of life—that which feeds the soul.

Soul Food will be more about heart stuff than foodstuff, though the two are so often intertwined—all the ingredients of life folded into the day-to-day. It will be an infusion of personal insight or stories inspired by struggles, victories, revelation, laughter, tears, comfort, mountaintops, and valleys.  Not to be confused with a personal advice column, Soul Food is intended to feed the places that food cannot, relying on God as the source.

Of course, I would love this to be more of a dialogue of encouragement, so feel free to leave a comment any time.


A few months ago a friend gave me a book, it was one of those “just because” gifts, Windows of the Soul by Ken Gire.  It’s a series of short, poignant stories about the “windows” (perspectives) we look through and what we do about what we see.  It’s the kind of book you can leave on your nightstand and learn something profound each time you pick it up.  She wrote a sweet note to me in the front and specifically marked one of the chapters—when a friend goes to that kind of effort, you pay attention.

That gift, the inscription, the marked pages, helped inspire the launch of this new theme Soul Food on Savoring Today, so my first post is a highlight from the chapter, Windows of Writing.

A Prayer For Discovery

Help me, O God,

Help me to discover the gifts You have given me
and how to use those gifts in a way that is worthy of the giver.

Help me to discover something of who I am from the things that I write,
whether those things are a letter or a journal entry,
a poem or a play,
a novel or a note to a friend.

In those lines and between those lines
help me discover how to live my life.

Grant that I might live it honestly,
without pretensions or pseudonyms,

and fragrantly,
with the aroma of extravagant love
spilling from the
brokenness of my heart
onto Yours …


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