Feature Fridays: It’s Your Turn

Feature Fridays was launched in order to set time aside each week to surf and study with the idea it would make Savoring Today a better food blog.  There are lots of seasoned bloggers and fresh ideas out there from which to glean, but what is most rewarding is seeing how many times someone has clicked on the featured link; it always makes me smile.  Taking time to tell someone, “good job” or “I like how you…” is simply sowing goodwill. Who doesn’t like a compliment?

This week I noticed that Saveur is collecting nominations for Best Food Blog Awards and thought it would be ideal for Feature Fridays, but this time the feature depends on YOU.  Feature a favorite food blog by nominating them.  There are a number of categories (baking, cooking, photography) to choose from, so feel free to nominate more than one of your favorites; it only takes a few seconds.

Here’s how easy it is:
1. Visit this link at Saveur sometime before April 22 (next Friday)
2. Nominate your favorite food blog ♥ if Savoring Today is one of them, please use this link info: http://savoringtoday.com/
3. Of course, if you do nominate someone let them know you’ve sown some goodwill of your own, it will make their day.

I am always interested in browsing new blogs, so I’d love to know who you think is a worthy nomination—please leave a comment and share.  Enjoy!


One response to “Feature Fridays: It’s Your Turn

  1. Wow thats a great link, I will nomintate your site definitely and mine of course 🙂

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