Soul Food: Inspired Reflection

Inspired reflection—that momentary pause when thought and emotions intertwine to consider the profound. Whether prompted by human touch, written word, nature’s beauty, allegory, or song, you are keenly aware you were just given a glimpse of something transcendent. Today, this video, this song, did just that.  Deeply grateful.

Glenn Packiam serves our church as pastor, teacher, author, songwriter, and worship leader. It is a pleasure to know him and a privilege to glean from his inspired reflections, poured-out through his teaching and music.  Written by Glenn Packiam and Matthew Fallentine, the song At The Cross (Hallelujah) is on Glenn’s latest album The Kingdom Comes (the video was created and posted on YouTube by someone else).


3 responses to “Soul Food: Inspired Reflection

  1. Hallelujah! Happy Easter.

  2. Happy Easter, friend 😀

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