Do You Like Cute Food?: Feature Fridays

If you’ve never explored Pintrest, I highly recommend it for your next surf session or coffee break (do people even take coffee breaks anymore?).  It is where I discovered an entire website dedicated to cute food. Well, unabashedly they claim it is the cutest food.  I have to agree, there are pages and pages of food creativity gone crazy with cuteness like these panda rice balls.  If you like your food cute, or just want to admire the efforts of others, check it out … I’ll take my browse break with coffee, thank you.  Enjoy!


5 responses to “Do You Like Cute Food?: Feature Fridays

  1. Mmm, panda! Oh sorry, they look really yummy too. I’ve never wanted to eat panda before!

  2. I’ve always wondered what panda tastes like.

  3. Pinterest is one of those sites you really can get lost in. Though I’ve never had Panda, I hear it tastes like chicken.

  4. I have a friend so dedicated in making these things for her son everyday as a food to bring to school, everthing is so wonderfully and tastefully done but too bad she does not blog she only post on facebook on a daily basis.

  5. While not a uniform lover, I do enjoy cute food for certain holidays. Halloween is one of them. You asked about cinnamon chips. I purchase them at the grocery store. There are in the same aisle as the chocolate chips. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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