Savoring Today Has Moved

Alex Pickering Transfer Company, early moving ...

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Savoring Today was created to catalog and test recipes to eventually publish a cookbook.  To better facilitate that dream, as well as other opportunities, we decided to transfer to

On Tuesday, the transfer truck was packed with over 250 posts, 1271 comments, 776 images, and other technical trimmings from and skillfully migrated to in less than an hour.

Only one hitch, those most loyal to Savoring Today, my Email Subscribers and blogging buddies (followers), could not be included in the transfer.

I have spent fruitless hours trying to figure out how to save you a few minutes, to no avail.  There is no option for me to transfer email subscribers/followers seamlessly from to 😦  However, I appreciate your loyalty in following my recipes and musings all this time!

I would love to see you at our new place (new design coming!), please keep your connection to Savoring Today by following the new link:

Just enter your email address in the box at the top of the right hand column and click subscribe. You will have to verify, which is a good thing, but then you won’t miss a single update.

Thanks for moving with me!



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